About us

The Club has been a part of the Saint-Lambert community for more than 100 years and is also accessible to the surrounding communities as there are no other lawn bowling clubs on the South Shore.

We have a membership of more than 100 bowlers with a variety of skill levels, from social and novices to local, provincial and national champions.

There are certified coaches to assist you in improving your skill level and to meeting your playing goals. The Club provides bowl rentals and carrying bags as well as individual secure storage lockers.

Our Mission

The Club’s mission is to promote physical and emotional well-being through intergenerational sport activities and inclusive social interaction by providing an excellent lawn bowling surface and Club facilities for the benefit of our members and guests.

Our Vision

To be the sport of choice for Saint-Lambert residents and surrounding communities, and embrace the changing dynamics of the sport.

Goals and Values

History of the Club

The completion of the Victoria Bridge in 1860 made it possible for people working in Montreal to live on the South Shore.  As a result, by the early 1900s the population of Saint-Lambert had increased to approximately 3,000 with just over 50% of the population being of British origin.  In 1913, this group decided to create the Saint-Lambert Lawn Bowling Club. The Club was located just east of the Victoria Bridge on Riverside Drive at the foot of what is now Saint-Denis Street and was adjacent to the shore of the Saint Lawrence River, near the Saint-Lambert “beach”.

The season of 1963 was the last for the Club on Riverside Drive, and plans were made for the clubhouse to be relocated to the present site on
Oak Avenue. The official opening was June 7th, 1964.

Located in the heart of Parc Lespérance, in a beautiful calm, green space along side the Coulée Verte, it’s a wonderful space where members can enjoy the area and a game of lawn bowling.


About Us Volunteering

We work hard to encourage and support volunteerism and mentoring others. Supporting volunteers to continue with the sport also supports continued involvement in other areas of the Club.

Our Club is a non-profit organization which follows the Governance for Québec Sport and Recreation Non-Profit Organizations and is administered by a Board of Directors.

Volunteers support the Club in a variety of capacities from housekeeping, finance, organization of the lockers, the art of coordinating teams for each game played and a host of other important tasks that keep the Club running smoothly.

The Club is operated by volunteers and the various committees include volunteers.
Interested in becoming a volunteer?